Centre for Food Technology and Research (CEFTER), Benue State University, Makurdi, Postgraduate Scholarship Application Guidelines and Advertisement, Academic year 2015/16

The Center for Food Technology and Research (CEFTER), Benue state university, Makurdi, Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme (CPSS) is designed to be an intensely competitive worldwide program, which is aimed at offering funding to qualified candidate who have interest in building capacity to solve the menace of post-harvest losses in west and Central Africa.

CPSS therefore invites applications from suitably qualified candidates who have interest in CEFTER Postgraduate courses to apply. Priority will be given to students who have interest in solving problems that are important to CEFTER aim of development and Utilization of technologies to reduce post harvest food loses.
The CPSS will grant scholarships to women and men from World Bank member nations with priority to Sub-Sahara Africans to pursue a Master’s and PhD degree in CEFTER courses found at www.cefterbsu.edu.ng/courses. Scholarships will be awarded based on merit and needs of the Centre.
Scholarship Categories
• Full Funding where the recipient of the scholarship will complete a two year Masters Degree or a three-year PhD programme in CEFTER courses (www.cefterbsu.edu.ng/courses).

• Part Funding (Tuition, Thesis grant, Accommodation or a combination of any mentioned) where the recipient of the scholarship will receive funding to complete a two year Masters Degree or a three-year PhD programme in CEFTER courses (www.cefterbsu.edu.ng/courses).

Application Dates:

Application for 2015/2016 academic session scholarship is closed at the moment, it will be reopened next year for 2016/2017 academic session.

CPSS eligibility:
• Must be eligible and apply for admission into CEFTER programmes
• CPSS scholarship must be tenable at CEFTER only.
• Be a citizen and resident of World Bank member nation with priority to Sub – Saharan Africa
• Have completed an undergraduate university degree (4 years of university) or Master’s degree with a minimum CGPA of 3:00 for Masters degree scholarship and PhD Scholarship respectively for Merit scholarship while the Need based scholarship requires a minimum of 2nd class lower degree.
• Be fluent in English
• Meet all the academic requirements of the study program of choice
• Candidates who are already enrolled in a degree or any program of study at any University are not eligible.

Candidates are required to communicate with us at pm@cefterbsu.com. Candidates are required to fill out an electronic application form and submit the following documents to be eligible:
• A CV or resume
• All official transcripts for every university programs completed or in progress (with official translation if the transcripts are not in English or French)
• An abstract for a case study
• A 500 to 750 word letter of intent to explain why they want to study our courses and how they will use the training upon their return to their country.
• Three reference letters (two academic and one professional). If the candidate is currently employed, one of the support letters should be from their employer.
• A copy or their valid passport (Non – Nigerians only).
• A copy of the result of the English language test if the candidate has never studied in English language. TOEFL and IELTS will be acceptable (Non – Nigerians Only)
Please note that candidates cannot submit their files in between competition, and that documents sent by email to pm@cefterbsu.com will not be accepted.


  1. Mrs. Sandra Dookenger Naakombo

    Kindly send me the details of the scholarship

    1. Aondoakaa Igba

      congratulation in advance sandra

  2. Faruk Raji

    Comment…How do i apply for the scholarship in food physics?

  3. Ikyo

    click on scholarship on the menu bar, download form complete and submit to pm@cefterbsu.com. But you must have applied for admission and meet the entry requirement.


    Please send me the details of the scholarship. thanks


    I wish to know how the Scholarship will be run. Will those awarded the Scholarship study in Nigeria or in a Foreign country?

  6. Patrick

    Can I get more light on the CGPA, does it mean that a candidate with a CGPA of less than 3.5 can apply for a Phd program through the CPSS?


    Please i want to know if the transcript supplied for the admission process will take charge of the scholarship application too or i need to get another copy of the transcript for the scholarship application.

  8. Oluma, Gideon Sale

    The organisation is set to put an end to the huge post hervasting in the world; especially developing countries.

  9. Ene Sam Egbe - Okpenge

    Gooday CEFTER.Pls I would like to know when applications for masters programme for 2016 / 2017 session will commence? Thank you.


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